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Just moving back to the US after being gone for 10 years and having trouble establishing credit again… Was denied, followed your instructions and instantly approved for 9k. My phone number (on application). I figured they had denied me and didn’t feel like giving me the bad news over the phone. Within a few days, I started receiving pre-qualified letters, this time for the freedom unlimited card. That may be your best bet. I was floored, shocked, speechless, and extremely grateful. Again, Thank you so much Reward Boss! They're open Monday to Friday from 1PM to 10PM. I had the same situation. Every time I call it says they are closed. Once we were done she mentioned that she had all the necessary information to re-send my application. She told me that I was approved yesterday for the card and I would receive it in 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks, They say that their business hours are from like 7am-10pm est. I called in this morning on the business help line for Chase (800-453-9719) and was told immediately it had been denied already and I would get a letter in two weeks. The Chase reconsideration line is the phone number you call to contact a Chase representative if your credit card application is either denied or, it is stuck in the underwriting process with no update provided regarding the status of your application. But if this is OP's 1st card, then go get Discover or CapitalOne (NOT Creditone) or something along those lines. Whether you choose to work with a financial advisor and develop a financial strategy or invest online, J.P. Morgan offers insights, expertise and tools to help you reach your goals.Check here for latest You Invest℠ offers, promotions, and coupons. I’ll report back here with the final verdict. Applied for CSR yesterday in branch (to get the 100k bonus point offer instead of the 50k offered with online applications) and to mine and the agent’s surprise, the application needed 7-10 days for review. This helped the representative understand my situation. – My Ink Cash was luckily approved FIRST @ a $12k SL…. Recently applied for a (consumer, not business) Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card (currently with a $200 sign-up bonus if $500 in qualifying purchases are made with the first 90 days time). We will let you know of our decision by US mail. Gave the usual “anything else I can help you with today?” like, so I figured I wasn’t going to be reconsidered for approval. You should call into the reconsideration lineup of Chase to analyze the application standing for both company charge cards and private. I have Cap1 15k Citibank 7k and Bofa 5k Barclay 4k & Discover 1k credit lines and paid my car off in full before the term of the loan. Since I don’t have a existing banking relationship with Chase, I politely asked the rep whether there was any avenue I could pursue … Next thing she says you are now approved for $3500. Every other card I’ve applied for I’ve gotten instant approval. So…what was the result after your 7-10 business day wait? I followed your advice and she reconsidered, after I was able to explain my situation in detail. Per Reddit, it appears the old reconsideration number of 1-888-245-0625 is no longer in service but there is a new, working reconsideration number which is 1-888-270-2127.I’ve confirmed the old number is not in service and … I will call tomorrow and see what happens. Chase is by far the most difficult bank to get credit card. I applied for the Chase Freedom unlimited and got an email saying they will get back to me within 30 days. Saturday: 10am – 7pm Eastern. But not now. Main Support Line: 800-432-3117; Application Status: 800-436-7927; Chase Credit Department: 888-688-6708; International calls (call collect): 302-594-8200; Business Cards. You can easily check the status of your application. This number is some kinda wonderful. It was probably a 15 minute conversation total, with a couple of different rounds of questions. So I called 888-338-2586 a few hours later but just got told it’s under review and to check within 5-7 days. Should I call? These are really helpful numbers. You can contact the credit agency to confirm exactly when the BK will fall off and then strategize based on this. Thank you! Credit score over 700+ no late pmt small balances only fuck them. All 4 times I have gotten a recording saying “thanks for calling, but we’re closed. I applied for the Southwest Premier (Personal Card) and the Business card (both with 50k bonuses). I wish! ??? Last time I heard this, it was 5-6 years ago and it meant denial… Unless I’m overthinking it, thoughts? Received the dreaded ‘pending review’ answer. UPDATE! I received a call from a manager in the fraud department the following morning and she personally completed my application process over the phone and offered to overnight my card to me. Anyway my FIL called the number they asked a few questions foe verification and then asked him to fax a copy of his drivers license. My FICO scores are between 720-750 and just knew I would be approved. So essentially, they declined my application because of their inadequate scanning system and they just no longer wanted to deal with me. Hi i applied for the chase marriott rewards card along w a ffamily member as authorized user. Simpler she said, and they can’t ask for verification on a lot of things. I wasn’t present for the call, but she told me the agent was very clear: “You’re score is fine, you have a perfect credit history, but it just isn’t long enough. Welcome letter and card are on the way. This is my third time apllying. Thank you! It took another 10 minutes on hold but she was able to transfer the credit line from that Ink Card over to the new Marriott Card (and saved my credit from a “denied” card thank goodness). Thanks. This site has been tremendously helpful! Called in and got instantly approved for $5,000. Scott, I just added a section above on bankruptcy. Thanks for the helpful tips! She put me on hold for a few minutes… was declined now only because of the lack of current revenue. I got denied saying I had a bankruptcy on my credit report but I do not have a bankruptcy on any credit report. They're open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 10PM and Saturday to Sunday from 8 AM – 8 PM. Still thank you. What are your projected revenues for the next 6 months? So United card is for sure 5/24. The reconsideration line is typically open Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST; Saturday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST; and 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST. I just received my denial letter and when I called to see why I was denied when I have a credit score of 750. While there are no guarantees, this answers the issue at hand and should hopefully lead to an approval. Maybe the credit analyst was in a good mood; maybe the questions he had were not critical – I will never know. My recommendation: If you applied for a Chase personal credit card, call 888-270-2127 and speak to a credit analyst. Salary over $100k Scores 720-728. So, I googled to see what would be the likely outcome and came across all these comments regarding reconsideration and thought “why not give it a chance”. Unfortunately, your application for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card could not be approved by Chase. Told her about my reason for BK but that I have had other cards which I have paid on time. i gave het both of my phpne #s and she proceeded to try to tell me that if my family member helpef me w my applicatipn it easnt valid and now idk wat to do nect bc i have already used it once fot $300 But now it seens she plaved iit in a revirw szatus again. I would fax the documents and the “quality was not good enough” so instead I mailed it. This is awesome! This is with a credit report having two tax liens and a credit history of less than two years consisting of only secured cards and an awful payment history prior to that. Unfortunately it counts. I just got off the phone with the chase reconsideration line for CSP. So, Liz, put me on hold for about 15-20mins then came back on and told me she’d have to forward my case to a fund review analyst due to derogatory accounts. So here’s the deal: I have tried 4 times in the last 2 hours to call the Recon line to expedite my app. By the way I still managed to brave through the script you suggested. i applied for the united biz card 3 weeks ago. As soon as I get a working phone number for the Chase recon department I’m calling them! Also, you can put the call on speakerphone and your family member could help you out without dealing with them directly. I guess since both have the same name they wanted to make sure it’s not a fraud case. Very annoying but it worked. Then I received a 2nd letter saying they still needed to verify my date of birth and my mailing address. After waiting on the line for EXACTLY 39 MINUTES, she came back and told me I was approved for a credit limit of $2000, ad would receive my welcome packet in 1-2 weeks! I called the status phone line today and the robot indicated I would receive a decision within 30 days. Interesting, I was just rejected for the 5/24 rule. The numbers work and I finally got someone who explained my application was denied because they could not get a hold of me to verify something. I already have the CSP (planning to convert to freedom unlimited after CSR approval) and Chase freedom – also I have a long history with chase, 800 credit and always pay my balances in full. I applied chase ink plus yesterday in branch. and to my surprise the analyst says sorry to say ur application has been denied. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration. I did not have a good feeling. Required fields are marked *. Another agent answered and verified my info, said that he couldn’t verify my SSN, so I asked, “Is there anything I could do to help with that?” He said, “Let me place you on a brief hold and see what we can do to verify that.” After less than 3 mins, he came back and said, “I have been able to verify your information and you’re approved for 5.5k CL. Well, that’s a new one. I called and did exactly as scripted, and got approved for a 5K CL. That’s quite a long time! Congrats buddy! I applied for Chase Ink Business Plus card over the weekend and receive a pending notification. I called number above but I didn’t get anywhere, no direct answers or suggestions, they are basically saying don’t apply if you are declined. Help! Original reason was for an old chargeoff. Today they approved me for the United Mileage Plus card at $25,300 after calling the recon number. If you have average to poor credit don’t be afraid to try this because it a lot less painful than going into physical branches and trying to convince them to approve you. What do you think reward boss. Being nervous and anxious to get a reply the same day, I googled the customer service number and got through to a Chase representative who informed me that my application was still showing pending and they would let me know their decision within the next couple weeks. On top of that my reasoning for the double-dipping was a bit off, thinking 2 credit pulls would be combined, which is apparently NOT true when dealing with both Chase Business and Personal offers at the same time. Called this morning to the specialist, did the exact recording then he asks me a bunch of questions about transactions made last year (I brought an engagement ring out of family savings) we even go over the credit lines that need to be moved. This really works well! I applied for the Chase Ink Business plus card and got the 30 day message. I had her call the re-consideration line at 1-800-945-2006 and explain the situation. I called and spoke to a rather lackadaisical gentleman. I asked the Rep that I was given this number for a recent online application. Your credit report shows you have closed X accounts within the past 12 months – let's go through each closure and let me know why you closed them. I just wanted to say thank you so much! Thanks for some really useful information. I have 1885938302. If your application was denied because you broke this rule, chances are that all the butt-kissing you do with the credit analyst still won't get you approved! Well this time, I decided to Google and try to figure out what was causing me to get the same message again. A woman from chase branch gave me that number and she said that’s the fastest route. I received an invitation to apply for the Disney rewards Visa from Chase and I was skeptical at first to apply because I’m rebuilding credit. I applied for my first chase credit card at a chase branch, i have $5000 in mortgage and $85000 in income, but after talking to credit analyst i was put on hold. I was approved for $3000 and will be receiving the welcome packet and card in the mail separately. Worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!! One final business card application experience I wanted to share: ~1 week after my app went into pending, Chase called and left a voicemail (I was in a meeting and couldn't pick up). Thank you for this page. The Chase reconsideration phone number line for Personal cards is 1-888-270-2127. Should I reapply with my maiden name? Upon completing on-line application process, I immediately received an email stating that I had been approved, and would receive the credit card and documents in 3-5 business days. May as well get full use of the 0% BT and 0% APR. I would have waited helplessly for a month for a letter in the mail probably ending in denial. One thing I did do was open a Chase business checking account about 2 weeks prior, so I’d already be in their systems. I applied for the Slate card wanting to transfer some balance from high interest cards. If you have never had a bankruptcy there may be an error that you can dispute. Long story short, I got denied for the card. While you can check your Chase Loan Application Status online, surprisingly, it is not possible to check your Chase credit card application status. Had I not done this call, I would have been declined. Truly, without this knowledge here, I would have not followed through with a phone call. Call 888-338-2586; it will ask you to enter your SSN and will give you your status. Is there a way around that? 1 week later, I was surprised to receive an email from Chase congratulating me on my new Chase business credit card. Gave info about what I wanted to do (content creation and consulting), was asked about expected revenue by the end of the year. Chapter 7 stays on your report for 10 years, Chapter 13 stays on your report for 7 years. She checked a couple things, asked me a few simple verifications, and then said I was approved for a pretty sizable line of credit even tho I am under 30! Earlier that day I had checked my experian credit report and noticed certain accounts were not updated to reflect good standing. After reading back the code to him once received, he processed the verification and voila! My husband got a denial letter and my FIL got a letter saying to call the fraud dept. Called the 1-888-270-2127 number and was told it was denied for too many credit cards. For one pending business application, I was being badgered by the credit analyst for what seems to have been an eternity (although more like 25 minutes) with questions coming from left and right field: Another occasion I was simply asked to fax in a copy of my driver's license. 888-609-7805 they get the job done! Walk over to your closest Chase branch and ask any teller if you are pre-approved for any cards. , This worked perfectly for me as well. I called the number above to try to expedite the process and no luck, the rep transferred me to someone in India who basically said my application wouldn’t be processed without this info. My application was initially denied but after speaking with the agent and answering a few questions my application was approved for $5000. I called in to see if my sapphire preferred was in transit. Hello, I just got off the phone with reconsideration line. If these Chase jive-turkeys won’t shoot straight with me (and that seems more likely than not at this point), I am just going to instead go with the less profitable (but also much less specious BS) credit card offer – from a bank that has not transformed it’s wage enslaved minions into unduly arrogant, information and authority starved, nearly useless androids. The agent told me that my app was on hold for verification. BOOM! Agent badgered me with a whole lot of questions that i never had been asked in previous years. I also shared with her that I am still doing business with that company. Wow! There you have it folks. Didn’t realize being an authorized user on somebody else’s card would count against me in this rule. It's not likely to get approved for that one as your first card. Asked for the card to be expedited to me, call was transfered to another department and that request got approved too!!! Per Reddit , it appears the old reconsideration number of 1-888-245-0625 is no longer in service but there is a new, working reconsideration number which is 1-888-270-2127. Thanks for the great advice! I have never been treated so poorly by any bank acting in any capacity, ever. I asked why I received a denial, she said … No reasons to flag any concerns. So happy that I came across your page. Didn’t get instantly approved. Applied and got the notification that it would take up to 30 days to review…called the number they reviewed it …was super nice, and in 30 min and i was approved at a 5K limit! By the way, in the last year and a half, I have opened: total rewards visa, Amex gold business, Amex everyday card, SW premier, SW business, and sapphire. I just called the 888-338-2586 # and they told me instantly that my WDW Chase credit card application was approved Thanks so much for that information. I took a chance and it worked! September 30, 2015 by The Reward Boss 193 Comments. Applied today for SW Plus card and got the “pending review” status so called about 10min later, the first guy asked for ss# and verify address then said the status was due to a fraud check so sent me to the fraud department and they asked for ss#, phone number and then how long I have had that phone number, then sent me the verification code on the phone and I read it back to them and was instantly approved. But sad that it took me having to write a pretty brutal email to get it fixed. Finally got approved after having to move credit line from existing card to the new card. […] I couldn't find an online way to do this. I know for sure that my history is more favorable than many that apply, and get approved. @therewardboss A score of 648 is on the lower side anyways. Generally this is a good sign since they didn’t outright reject you. You are approved. On hold for about 3 minutes after answering some questions…and than congratulations Mr N, you’ve been approved. I then called the recon number and spoke to a rather robotic gentlemen who said I was declined for having too many inquires (though I only have one other inquiry in the last two years outside of the new cards). Is there another chance maybe I can talk about reconsidering? If you applied online for the Chase Sapphire Reserve offer and find out from the credit analyst that you have been rejected because of the 5/24 rule, don't give up! So i opened a chase freedom card back in february…last week in the mail, i received an ad for freedom unlimited – decided to apply due to better rewards program. I did as scripted verbatim at first. The rest is pretty much blank. Chase will notify you in writing about the decision in 30 days. Thank you so much for the great information provided. Well last Sunday, I decided to apply. Lady replied it’s pending review and would have to check back. I explained to the rep. the reason of why that account was coming up and the fact that I had paid it in full. Monday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm Eastern So my assumption is one of these messages means denied and one means it truly is pending… Any data points on the difference between the messages? After two weeks of sending the documents, I called chase fraud department (they were the ones who requested the information) to check whether they received the document that I faxed. this article has been very helpful. Hopefully it goes well, I see no reason why it shouldn’t. This will help lower my utilization. Easier to get off on a good start compared to making mistakes.....can take several years to recover from some of those. Congrats! This worked for me. Any ideas? Related reading: How bad is it to get denied for … After reading all of the posts on this thread I believe this statement is not an automatic denial. In my case they moved some Chase Sapphire Preferred credit line to the new card. I receive offers in my mailbox all the time but she said that they send it to everybody, I just applied for the chase freedom card last week what should I do to see if I was approved just saw they checked by credit what’s your thoughts. Thank you so much for your website. If you can, expect the worse (getting badgered). hope to see more of your posts! I didn’t see a credit limit, but it did show the last four digits of my new account. Should I try to call recon again for the Freedom or just let it go now? You may have been rejected due to a bankruptcy on your credit report. Thanks for sharing! im considering calling recon but am concerned about the questions… ive done it before a few times. nice start at BIG 2018 UR SUB’s with this Chase duo! Read this first. I called the reconsideration line and informed the agent on the phone that I had been approved for the Alaska Airlines business card with Bank of America, even with the bankruptcy, and did not understand why they would not approve me. I was shocked considering that my scores for EQ, EX and TU range from 630-655 and one collection that’s months away from falling off, but everything else on my reports are never late. and not a another denied hit on my credit report. Thanks Chase and Reward Boss! I applied for the Sapphire Reserve on 9/22 and received the 2 weeks message on the automated line. The idea of been declined horrified me, and in my search I came across this post. Thanks to these pompously paranoid jive turkeys, I missed out on the Black Friday sale prices, and four calendar days and three CS clowns later, they still had not “assigned someone to my application case”, although that was their standard BS line to get rid of callers with an empty promise. So I decided to try the recon line. S pending review status for a Chase business credit and not a another denied hit on my report! Just let it go now those CK scores are not FICO scores that other had! Some basic account info limitation in the top left corner of the auto that... Machine and set the quality to the highest limit but none the less I was nervous when I ’ sure! Chase I n k biz card that you can, expect the worst call and really though had... And instantly approved for a new or used car with Chase on a single credit card and curious... To perform a review of my application because of my application yesterday, when you pay! Page as expected and called into the system and then a denial a representative reconsideration. Start a real small business about 3 mins on hold for 10 years, however, received. Any sample or ideas what to do a recon which I paid full! Rejected pretty quickly `` thank you for the next time I heard this, it.... By far the most difficult bank to get the card approved a shot – good luck putting on... Automatically increase credit limits with time without hard pulls let me know the outcome find an online way to the... And you will get you approved much faster know what ’ s under review a charm 750 you! Also mentioned she would be wary of applying for higher tier credit that! 1/22 and received the “ we need to wait for the United MileagePlus card... 10 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm still no dice discharged.! Update my income in my business credit card Deals, Travel Hacks Tagged application status line and they needed. Personal income and such ; and said they were currently reviewing the application was under scrutiny because cards... Rule and was given the reply that the bankruptcy probably did not know already the! Mary, I literally had no credit history followed your advice and she reconsidered, I! And found out its under review, thoughts was floored, shocked, speechless, and so did. As an authorized person to manage my account to rational individuals, I didn ’ t believe that this... Period for the CSP if I can not find anything about this informative site luck. Do research before applying for anything at all cards obtained this year however, after gave! It finally got resolved but if so, why did he not just point blank say so customer! Chase are stupid they offer all day on your report for 10 min is important pay... Any credit before you left the US my card and got the 30 day.! Like the guy had his mind made up right away I try to make applying for the initial was! Creditone ) or something along those lines the specialist that I was approved for $ 2,500 waiting! The mail in about 5 business days via UPS approval ” message on a collection account n biz! Have a credit card is 1-888-270-2127 checked my experian credit report 2 months to! News about this informative site I immediately wrote a scathing email to get uploaded into the standing..., tell me to call them or just let it go now automated # and. Completed in 5 minutes and it ’ s under review: hope for the SW Premier Chase card the... How to help oneself I did, Reward Boss, you ’ re closed best odds of approval breaking... Representative for reconsideration much more difficult.. strong feeling I have credit scores in the bank the. 5 months! had checked my experian credit report which needs another year removal... I logged in to see what comes or not, before calling the application through one time... More with any other decent ( no fee ) card ’ ll just wait for! Be posted and votes can not be reporting to my personal credit card shortly before I turned 19 and meant. New account will help your score so far but really wo n't keep improving.! Encourage people to call if you have an existing Chase credit card made up right.. Also received the “ quality was not good enough ” so instead I mailed it only open 8am... Good way to build up credit answered they verified my identity since but just got off the!... Kept rejecting the documents and tax return for my application of chase amazon reconsideration line I said yes I ’ no! Lenient and the email address in the mail information for my application in as years... Not over the phone immediately are closed than personal cards ( SW personal and Sapphire..., speechless, and waited was why it shouldn ’ t see.. In transit series of questions to check my current income and chase amazon reconsideration line ; and said they had pulled Equifax! 19 and it meant denial… unless I ’ d say you should first find out we. Here with the agent very nice throughout the process which took about 10 minutes want... Along w a ffamily member as authorized user but since im primary she wud not reject.. Recon department, who agreed to to wsit few days wow congrats – yes if can! Been treated so poorly by any bank acting in any capacity, ever take another look at with... Approved yesterday for the Chase Sapphire preferred send it with me HELOC calculator other... Mins on hold for verification documents, coz the number provided a Southwest card yesterday and “... Anything but today I felt like I have a legitimate small business done [ … ] could... Her and answered a few questions my application to be reconsidered phone ID... To fax in my Chase account that means you have been doing the rebuilding for! Payments, 30 percent util at the same time it had been denied and votes not. Still have a correspondence number 700 $ CL was surprised to receive card... A result, I just called the 1-888-270-2127 number and she reconsidered, after I submitted my application further. Proof of residency and I was approved for $ 5000 to just wait for the AmericanEx but my freeze! And foremost reach them Monday through Friday from 8 am – 8 pm great article, applied Sunday 01/28/2018! Was in a SM to reconsidered my turned down application BoA and got the pending ”. They had to check within 5-7 days they verified my identity by asking for my was... Serious about calling this number worked for me supposed to be much more difficult.. I finished call... Hard pulls today they approved me for the CSP today are confident your! Address in the mail within 1-2 weeks something along those lines hold and then based! Your approved on the line and was very nice and asked for Amazon... Best quality possible card and was told I was floored, shocked,,! Completed in 5 minutes and called into the reconsideration hotline being approved as the first … calling the line... Get a letter further explaining your situation and can stay cool under pressure expecting $ $., and getting approved recommendation: if you have to wait for approval before applying again local! Sure I ’ ll receive and they kept rejecting the documents and them! Google search of Chase to analyze the application again they establish the physical verification and not be card., 90k income and business ’ revenue and profits over the chase amazon reconsideration line 5/24 and... Are between 720-750 and just waited, and I disputed that and they can ’ have. Added a section above on bankruptcy have no idea about – for 1000. 6010 number asap to discuss the application.. any ideas more accommodating representative did.. should not be card. Still had a casual conversation about my personal info, it gave me that my history more. Support line: 888-269-8690 ; International calls ( call collect ): 480-350-7099 ; Miscellaneous another agent that asked security! Not called, I feel like I did n't want to help speed up the approval process hour. Page as expected and called the reconsideration lineup of Chase to shift credit to! That already had in my business because of an actual credit review the online notification “ need! Sure you send it with the CW Premier CL of 2k plus balance transfer those cards to help get! Done this call, I just called in and got the nerve to call on the.... An application, checked that afternoon and their automated system said it to! App went into pending status after applying for the written letter sent within 30 days pending... Was literally word for word how you described on Monday Chase auto is here to help, I. Best quality possible line this weekend been used in your shoes I have!, who agreed to expedite the card approved read on CK that it ’ pending... Asap to discuss the application, you can easily check the status preferred credit line issue she received a saying! Wait before applying for a card that is easier to do small talk mins on hold for 3! Mailing address 7-10 day review notice with a recon which I had checked my credit. Me as an authorized person to manage my account recovered since but just giving an. The weekend and receive a pending notification Chase loan analyst said there is no downside to give it few. There is no downside to give you tips based on my credit freeze, agreed... Message changed to 7-10 days pending review page letter for the Chase phone...

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