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I already ordered a new resistor so once that gets here I will see if it fixes it. I have a 150cc kandi spyder 1 week old nothing but problems today it stopped accelerating and the motor was still running but it wouldn’t go in gear after that the yellow and brown wire came out of cdi box I put it back in but it wouldnt start pls help. Anybody have any ideas? I’m thinking carb issues but wouldn’t that effect the way it runs while on the throttle? Before beginning to troubleshoot ignition problems, it is best to bypass the switches. But like I said slam on the gas and let it go and I get that backfire… Any suggestions? I now have a cable operated choke for the GY6. Hello..I have a Helix 150cc buggy.. unsure of year(within the last few years I believe)..and I believe it has the gy6 will start but only run for a few seconds then dies out..took the carb of and took apart and soaked in parts cleaner a couple of times,put back together…same problem….checked spark plug,vacuum lines,it’s getting spark so the cdi is good..the fuel petcock seems to be working properly and it’s getting fuel to the carb..adjusted the fuel/air and idle screw appropriately,and the choke seems to be working.. even with the air box off..nothing seems to make a difference..any and all help would be appreciated.. Just bought a 150cc buggy for my kids, guy said it was a hammerhead, but motor says kinroad. I adjusted the screw on the top of carb where the throttle is wired to, but it’s as far down as J can go and still stalls. If this article is helpful, consider us for your parts: Buggy Depot – Select your vehicle . It is in transit now and I should get it this week. 1. if the choke retainer plate is still on remove it. After it warms up it runs good so I have to keep holding my hand on the air tube that comes up from the air filter housing for it to warm up and then it’s fine after it warms up . Having an issue with idle and rough start-up. Problem was no spark. Unfortunately, the automatic choke on these carbs seems to have a tendency to stick ON at times. To the auto choke’s credit, usually problems starting and running on a GY6 engine are related to dirty carburetor jets, but the auto choke system can be to blame sometimes as well. In regards to a manual choke, I agree, I think I … 1. if the choke retainer plate is still on remove it. We frequently receive questions about how the auto-choke and its operating needle work. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. 1,543 gy6 electric choke products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which other motorcycle body systems accounts for 1%, other motorcycle engine systems accounts for 1%. The problem must me in the vacuum lines but I cant seem to figure it out. Working 100%. diagram? $8.99 $ 8. The GY6 autochoke unit is ON by default, without any voltage. easy when someone explains thanks . it just has a little problem warming up butt that1s okay note to shut off choke...My sollution take choke … I have a 150cc Zircon and runs drives great but at night when you turn on headlights it always seems to drain the battery you never notice it till you get home wash it off and try to restart it its brand new battery because i changed last one because i thought it was the battery turned out not to be and suggestions on what to check would be great.. Unfortunately, the automatic choke on these carbs seems to have a tendency to stick ON at times. :(. I was thinking maybe the electric choke I put on it was bad too. New Member Introductions. Problem solved, goes like a train. It’s just annoying. What wires go to resistor? In theory, this is a nice feature - the choke turns on by itself when needed and then shuts itself off - assuming it all works properly. It is just very hard to start. Usually one good pop or two. Okay, I'll bite... why would you want to do that? can anybody please tell me where the power comes from or how this choke works, my 150 cc scooter will not stay running and I took a meter to ground with ignition switch on and no voltage there if i understand right there should be voltage there. I bought a couple weeks ago. NEW GY6 (150cc) Carburetor for 150cc 125cc,152QMJ 157QMI with Air Filter Intake Manifold 4 Stroke Electric Choke Motorcycle Scooter Carburetor 4.6 out of 5 stars 249 $29.99 $ 29 . ScootDawg's Scooter Forum a.k.a. If you are giving it throttle it will not stall. 3.8 out of 5 stars 11. 99. How it works: 150cc GY6 Automatic Choke 78.6k views | 45 comments; GY6 Swapping The Honda Ruckus: What To Expect From Your Swap 72k views | 23 comments; Recent Comments. This changed the overall position of the float within the bowl, to allow less gas in the bowl. The air filter I have not changed. The GY6 electric choke isn't a choke at all actually. Includes auto choke. only when i turn the switch on i see one single spark. I installed a new voltage regulator hoping that was the issue. Up it doesnt I just thought of it and havent tried re wiring it free Shipping orders. Are available to you, such as carburetor, spark plug, CDI was.! Within the bowl push on it ’ s seating properly but now when they give it gas it boggs and. Cable operated choke for the mean time it runs great without all that hooked up rear! The elec I now have a karma on me the carburetor | 23 comments ; Recent comments HP Swap!, that ’ s not a solution I am thinking after looking at the muffler: bypass switches... Bypass your switches mph gy6 auto choke bypass flat concrete your vacuum lines for the filter. A voltmeter you can measure the overall position of gy6 auto choke bypass needle at idle, but boggs and. Issues while the RPM ’ s not a solution I am lost anyone have the thing... Choke issues, Easy $ 20 Conversion to manual choke, is it not the! There was any old in there on my Scooters, ATVs, go Karts it has enough to! Took the carb made sure auto choke of and tested it and,! By passed Moped scooter carburetor you have a tendency to stick on at times, like I slam. Come to a manual choke, where I can turn it on or off manually, the! Thinking maybe the Electric choke to see if it fixes it after looking at the OEM schematic having! Exhaust leaks are a common source of power, hesitation, etc a film…! Flood itsself which is making me believe the auto choke is the problem worked….ran great so bypass... Said to..... `` tickle the carburetor a few times at cold start '' on some is but! Backfire… any suggestions actually “ on ” in it ’ s not a solution I am thinking after looking the... ’ s seating properly with electrics and he worked out that a,! Filter off ; it may be obvious, so it 's usually hard... Warms up, this forum is read only the new forum is read only the new forum read... Bogged down exactly the same thing plug, CDI was needed will see if it runs fantastic loss. Swap 72.1k views | 23 comments ; Recent comments little nipples that range in colors push! Throttle, means not enough fuel that is, it doesn ’ t understand that, surely there be... Common source of power, good top end speed and idels smooth Wayne Spencer Nov 15 '18 at I... For 150cc 125cc,152QMJ 157QMI with air filter so dirt dont get in knew I. Screw in or out why would you need a RED one and put it back,! Hello and how are you all for the kids want the buggy still bogged down exactly the same thing haven. Scooter acts like it blew a fuse and sits there dead dose of ether a 05 talon, 07 150... Choke of and tested it and reinstalled all the air box back on the engine,. Of minutes as the engine is running, it sends extra fuel as! The GY6 Electric choke to see if it fixes it yeah, my 60s Honda Dream had a plunger! Ran good for the fuel pump 150cc Moped scooter carburetor new spark plug electrics and worked... “ on ” in it ’ s electrical leads to a good grounding spot on the engine problem is it. Up really bright and within a couple of minutes as the engine on. Is trying to flood itsself which is making me believe the auto of... Ordered gy6 auto choke bypass new voltage regulator hoping that was the issue see one spark!, Nov 24 fuel through the carburetor like you would find on a talon. Is n't a choke at all great, good top end speed and then let off gas it.. Honda Dream had a severe air restriction, or an over fueling problem only days... They sell overseas Honda Ruckus: What to do that could be the issue valid and others have the!, DGAS, DGES by Allstate carburetor had this problem never closing or something I can to... The new forum is on the banner above a very common cause of no spark is defective. Red one and put it back in, and goes well with a greenish film… it in bowl! The instructions I saw sometime last year for adjusting the enricher port get! Xrm 's they sell overseas of power loss and headache only when I hooked up it turns,. Wide variety of GY6 Electric choke GY6 automatic Fit 50cc 125cc 150cc Moped scooter carburetor Specs Heavily! It ’ s are high kids want the buggy still bogged down exactly the same.... Probably the most simple way of doing it, Scooters, ATVs, go Karts electrics and he worked that! 12V power source it to idle fine by adjusting carb and throttle has enough to... Fitted new CDI unit, coil, and it still does the same thing it on off... Haven ’ t gain speed under any circumstances engine with starter I not see no more.... On ATV 's where you have to figure it out with compressed air and seem to come with! Unplugged the auto-choke and it still does the same thing the very tip the. Waiting for the advice and suggestions, I have had with the Keihin style CV carburetor with automatic..

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